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The benefits carpets can offer

Carpets provide warmth and comfort, and can help to retain warm air for longer during the colder months. They are also available in a wide range of styles to suit your interior design, whether you are looking for soft, neutral tones or bright and vibrant colours to complement your home decor.


Families with very young children can benefit from the safety that carpet provides, as it helps to soften the impact of falls and reduce the chance of slips. They are also a great way of dampening noise, and can create a sound barrier between floors so noise from sound systems, foot traffic and more are reduced.


Finally, carpet wears well. With a bit of simple maintenance, it can stay looking great for many years.      


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We have ranges of carpet to suit any room in your home, from soft velvets, luxurious deep pile, twist pile and hard wearing cords to natural look coir and sisal carpets. We will remove your old fittings, move and replace your furniture and hoover on completion so your home is ready to use.